SEO Copywriting Services

Driving traffic through organic search requires targeted, strategic content. Invest in your online visibility with SEO copywriting services from Comprehension Content, L.L.C., a Charlotte, NC, company that offers SEO-savvy content creation.

My SEO copywriting services include…

Website Copywriting  

Your website is more than a representation of your’s your online storefront. Not optimizing your site for SEO is like opening a brick-and-mortar store on a deserted street corner. Your business is open...but it will be difficult for customers to find you.


SEO copywriting allows you to tailor website content for search engines—while creating engaging copy for potential clients.

Blog Post Copywriting

Create educational resources for your audience—while strategically targeting keywords. Blog posts offer an excellent opportunity to generate long-form content for phrases with valuable search intent.   


Tap into the power of SEO copywriting services to create articles that support your search marketing strategy.

Keyword Research: A Prerequisite for SEO Copywriting

Strategic SEO copywriting requires strategic keyword research. After all, unless you’re targeting long-tail keywords, it makes no sense to craft content around terms that no one searches for. Learn about my keyword research services here.  



Before providing SEO copywriting services, it’s critical that I understand your audience, marketing tone, and search terms you want to target. After all, your website isn’t designed to serve search engines alone—ultimately, your site exists for your clients.  


After getting clarity on your objectives, I’ll begin drafting content with SEO in mind. In addition to strategically incorporating your target keywords into your copy, I’ll also write backend content: your page title tag and meta description. Upon request, I can also provide alt text and a URL suggestion for each page.   


It’s important that your content speaks to your target audience and doesn’t prioritize the needs of search engines above those of your clients. During this stage, you’ll have the opportunity to review all copy and ensure its accuracy. Then, I will provide revisions as needed.  


At this point, you can expect finalized and edited copy that’s ready to be published on your site.  

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