Lead Generation Copywriting Services

Create content that supports your strategy to attract qualified leads. Harness the power of lead generation copywriting services, and craft messages that target your ideal clients.

My lead generation copywriting services can provide...

Gated Content

Use gated content to capture the contact information of leads while bringing additional value to existing clients. Your options include white papers, how-to guides, ebooks, checklists, and more.

Case Studies

Convert the raw data of your achievements into a compelling story. Use case studies to build credibility on your website, and give your sales team well-crafted material to leverage during sales conversations.

Email Marketing

Craft conversational emails with my lead generation copywriting services. From drip email sequences to promotional messages, take advantage of the opportunities your email list provides.

Press Releases

Stop creating press releases that only your company wants to read. Instead, publish polished content that gives your company announcement a newsworthy angle.

Video Scripts

Get a conversational video script for your audience—a win-win that combines the power of storytelling with content that provides client education.

With My Lead Generation Copywriting Services, Here’s the Process You Can Expect…



The first step in writing powerful content is gathering key information. That’s why we’ll begin your project with a discovery call to better understand your audience and campaign objective.


After your discovery call, we’ll set a timeframe for delivering your copy. With Comprehension Content, L.L.C., there’s no need to worry about missed deadlines or poor communication. If your organization provides the proper discovery information, you can expect timely completion.




Your review of all content is critical to make sure your lead generation assets are accurate and align with your vision. After receiving your feedback, I will revise your content as needed.


At this point, all content will be edited and finalized—ready to launch!


What about Blogs and Website Copywriting?

Yes, it’s true that website content and blogs are important tools for generating leads. The good news is my Charlotte, NC, copywriting company also provides these services. Check them out over at my SEO copywriting page.  

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