Keyword Research Services  

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your content. Leverage the power of keyword data to improve your organic search efforts.

Why is keyword research important?


Support your overall SEO efforts

SEO encompasses many activities—for instance, executing link-building campaigns or improving site speed. Keyword research fits neatly into your overall SEO strategy—helping you create targeted content for your audience.

Improve your on-page SEO

When you have the right keywords, you’ll gain an important tool to improve your web content, optimize your title tags, create SEO-friendly URLs, and more.  

Create understandable content

Keyword research gives insights into the language of potential buyers. In fact, you might discover your website relies on company-specific verbiage...that no one searches for.

Avoid keyword cannibalization

When you lack a diverse list of valuable keywords, it’s easy to target the same search terms—over and over again. Avoid keyword cannibalization with a list of semantically related, yet distinct, keywords.



Your organization has a wealth of insight into client needs. That’s why my keyword research services will launch with a strategy call. Together, we’ll discuss your target audience—gathering important information for the research process.


After our strategy call, I'll leverage the power of a keyword research tool to create a list of lower-difficulty—but valuable—search terms for your organization.


At this point, you’ll gain a customized report that reveals a number of keyword terms. My report will also include keyword recommendations for your organization.

What Keyword Research Is Not…

Keyword research services—while important—are only a small fraction of your entire content marketing strategy and SEO activities. It’s important to understand that keyword research is not…


  • Technical SEO. Keyword research won’t help you find 404 errors or fix your robots.txt issue.

  • Off-site SEO. Building links with keyword-savvy content isn’t the same as pinpointing search terms to target.

  • Web Programming. Strategic keyword research doesn’t guarantee that your developer will optimize your website’s backend.

Competitive Analysis and Local SEO

Competitive analysis is important for any organization, playing a role in SEO activities. Local SEO is also important for brands that primarily serve their surrounding communities.


While I can take a look at your competitors’ websites or find a geospecific term during keyword research, these services are not my specialityIf you need targeted support in these areas, I’d rather point you toward a digital marketing agency who can help.

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