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Meet Lauren Beck Kuchugurnyy, owner of Comprehension Content, L.L.C.—a Charlotte, NC, content creation company.

When your organization has complex needs, it’s important to hire a freelance copywriter who will learn your industry, create quality content, and become an extension of your team.


When you work with Comprehension Content, L.L.C., you’ll enjoy…

Help your audience comprehend your marketing message—and increase the likelihood that they’ll convert. Hire a freelance copywriter who understands how to simplify complex topics and write engaging copy.


Let the quality of your marketing assets reflect your organization’s high standards. From topic research to grammatical precision, I’m passionate about quality content marketing.


Integrity is about keeping my promises and looking out for your organization’s best interests. It’s also about serving your clients with accurate information—not marketing puffery or deceptive hyperbole.


Hire a Freelance Copywriter with Industry Experience and SEO Training

For over two years, I served as a copywriter for Sūmér, LLC. During that time, I provided strategic planning, website analysis, keyword research, copy editing, and—most importantly—content creation.


This season also gave me the opportunity to write for a variety of industries, including…

  • Information technology.

  • Life sciences consulting.

  • Natural medicine.

  • Senior living.

  • Manufacturing.

  • Marketing.

  • Banking.

  • Insurance.

  • Legal.


In addition to gaining a variety of experiences, I also received SEO training. These training courses included keyword research and local SEO through Moz, search engine marketing through DigitalMarketer, and SEO Fundamentals through SEMrush.

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